Six long years have passed since the release of the Crux Tridentis, a peerless work of satanic art that quickly sold out. Those who hesitated to acquire it regret it to date, and others found out very late.

Ladies and gentleman, we proudly announces the forthcoming release of The Crux Tridentis - Die Hard edition.



thousands of souls
so few rings

Watain keeps the black fire of thousands souls burning in violent black metal ecstasy, true devotion to the band worldwide.

The edition is limited to 111 rings only, made of sterling silver by hand with the highest quality craftsmanship. Each ring comes inside the temple, a wooden box that has a genuine python skin lining on the inside, and a gold foiled trident on the lid.


You will have the opportunity to place an order before the rest of the world, but to do so, you must first submit your name and WD# in the form below, then you will need to create an account on this website. These two simple steps can be done at the bottom of this page.

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You will have access to the item one day after Watain's disciples. Please note that this time the discounts will be disabled.


You will have access one day after viasiniestra memberships.


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