Terms and Conditions

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Read these terms carefully before using this website. The use of it will be understood as an acceptance of these, if you do not agree, do not use the site.

How to order?

  • To order, just add to cart the item(s) and proceed to check out. If you have any problem get in touch via WhatsApp or email hail@viasiniestra.com

Once you have placed the order, you will receive some emails

  • ”On hold” email. It is sent automatically, and confirm the request of the order, Viasiniestra needs to confirm payment.
  • Processing order” email. Confirms that the payment has been received and Viasiniestra is ready to packing up your order.
  • Complete order” email. Is sent once the order has been shipped. You will find shipping details like tracking number in ”My account”.


Viasiniestra only accepts PayPal, but you can pay by card even if you have not paypal account. Just select  PayPal and proceed with the check out instructions.


All orders generally will be shipped within a week, and sooner if possible. 

Mexico only

  • All orders will be shipped via FedEx or DHL. Even in CDMX, there is no personal delivery.


  • Standard shipping method is free. The order is shipped through mexican postal service (Sepomex), items usually takes 21-60 days to arrive. Includes tracking number.
  • Priority shipping method: go to Cart, edit your country and automatically  the system will provide shipping cost. The order will be shipped through one of the following services : DHL/FedEx/UPS . Delivery time is 2-5 natural days.
  • Reducing shipping costs! Notice that if you have two items in your cart, the shipping cost will be reduced, and if you have three will be reduced as well, and so on. Depending on the quantity of itmes, priority shipping method could be free. Viasiniestra Priority shipping method/DHL/FedEx.

Shipping Extension

  • If your location requires an extra shipping cost, Viasiniestra will contact you to notify you about the situation and request to you the amount required. This only apply to priority shipping method.
  • Countries like Switzerland, Netherlands, japan, China, could require an extra shipping cost. If it is needed, Viasiniestra will contact the customer to let him know about the situation.

Viasiniestra reserves the right to modify prices for shipping without prior notice based on the costs offered by shipping companies.

Tracking number:

Tracking number will be added in paypal transaction,  also will be added in order details. Login into ”My account”.

*Delays with shipping time are the responsibility of the courier companies.

About sizes

​Ring Sizes

To know your ring size, just take use a cord and put it around your finger, then measure the lenght, that will be your circumference. In the product gallery you will find a table with the measuring: diameter and circumference. Choose the size you feel more comfortable. Also, you can consult HERE The Viasiniestra: The devil’s work – Ring size guide.

Necklaces – chain lenght

The lenght of the chains used with the pendants is declared in the product details. Try to use a cord of the specified measure to confirm that the necklace will fit good.

Exchanges, returns, cancellations & Refunds.

Exchanges & returns

  • Viasiniestra do not accept exchanges, prior or after shipping. It is considered that the client have read how to measure his finger to wear a ring, has ensured that the necklace fits well, and has verified the size of the clothing. In the event that the client wishes to return the products voluntarily, the transport costs caused by return the item are borne by the client.
  • The products that are sent to the customer are previously reviewed, to the full satisfaction of the customer, so it is considered as a defect-free product, keep in mind that the products made and sold by Viasiniestra are handmade.


Once the operation of an order has been received and approved, Viasiniestra will process it and from that moment no cancellations or modifications will be accepted. Before receiving the Order Processing email, it is possible to cancel the order.


  • By cancellation, 100% refund, as long as the ”processing order ” email has not yet been sent.
  • By return, as previously specified: Returns are voluntary by the customer, this does not represent that Viasiniestra makes a refund for the return.


Viasiniestra will establish the guarantee of all products from a shipment with the product duly reviewed and packed. Special cases will be treated as such, subject to the client proving that there was negligence on the part of Viasiniestra.

The durability will depend on the use of the owner. Follow this recommendations to a long durability:

  • Be aware of your PH
  • Do not wash your hands or body wearing rings or pendants. Most items are covered with patina and, through the use of soap and water, the dark parts will turn silver.
  • Do not practice sports wearing rings or pendants.

Lost orders during shipping.

The Risk for loss and / or damage, is transmitted to the client from the moment in which the merchandise is sent to the client and delivered to the courier company for delivery. Once the order is placed at the postal office, Viasiniestra is no longer responsible.

Membership – VSNT Community

If you have not this Membership and want to buy one and also want to purchase other items, pleas first buy the membership and then buy the other items.

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