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LAST UPDATE: 25/04/2023

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About the products:

The items sold by viasiniestra are handmade, which means that they may look slightly different from each other, both in dimensions, weight and color; however, it is always sought to offer at least the same result in each job, with the intention of improving it each time.

Data collection

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Order Processing

When making a purchase you will receive a series of emails
On Hold: means that we must confirm the payment of your order

Processing: means that we have received the payment for the order placed and it will enter the workshop once the money has been received in the bank account.

Completed: means that the order has been shipped, in the email and your account you will find the tracking number to track the package.

Once the order is completed, the responsibility of the package is in charge of the postal service. The shipment status updates in the first instance correspond to the country of origin, Mexico; Once the package has left customs bound for the country of destination, updates on the status of the package correspond entirely to the parcel service of the country of destination.

Exchanges, returns, cancellations & Refunds.

It is possible to make changes or return the product in case of having chosen an incorrect size, you can request a change or a return. Consider that all return and forwarding costs are at your own expense.

In case of requesting a change of measure, you will have to send back your order, once received, the new piece will enter the workshop.

In the case of requesting a return for wrong size, you will have to send your purchase back, once received, the refund will be made as store credit only.

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver. The remaining 7.5% is a metal alloy such as copper. So if you are experiencing some staining, copper may be the blame. A high level of acidity in the skin which causes the appearance of stains on the skin due to the use of sterling silver jewelry does not apply for returns.

You can cancel an order as long as it has not yet entered the workshop.

100% refund as long as the cancellation is made before the end of the day the order was placed, otherwise the refund will only be 90% of the total amount, at 00:00 paypal automatically transfers the money to the bank account making the conversion from dollars to Mexican pesos.

The refund will be made only as credit in the store, that is, a coupon will be generated for 100% of the value of your purchase, except shipping costs that have already been spent.

You can use your credit in the store to make another purchase of a higher or lower price, if your new purchase is lower, you can still eventually use the remaining balance. This credit is made through a coupon code.


Viasiniestra is not responsible for partial or complete loss of the purchase during the shipping process. A purchase is marked as complete once the order is placed in the post office, from that moment on it is the responsibility of the courier to deliver the package in an integral manner.

A quality product made by hand is guaranteed for 30 days, each phase of its manufacture is meticulously reviewed to ensure durability and total customer satisfaction. The durability will depend on the use of the owner. Follow these recommendations for long durability:
Consider your pH. Often high pH tends to darker the silver, but you can fix it by using a polishing towel for metals.
Most items are covered with patina and, through the use of soap and water, the antique finishing could disappear.
Do not practice sports wearing rings or pendants. They could be lost or damaged by sweat.

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