Terms and Conditions

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LAST UPDATE: 12/31/20

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using this website. The use of the site will be understood as an acceptance of these, if you do not agree please leave the website.

How to order?

To order, add the items to the cart and proceed to the checkout. If you have any problem to finalize your purchase, get in touch through the form, by WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook.
Once you have placed the order, you will receive the following emails:
”On hold”
It is sent to notify the receipt of your purchase, but it will still be necessary to verify that the payment has already been received.
Processing order”
It is sent to confirm that payment has been received and is ready to enter the workshop or to be packed for shipment.
Complete order”
It’s sent once the package has been placed at the post office. You will find the shipping details such as the tracking number in your purchase details by logging in to “My Account.”


You can make your payment on the website using PayPal, credit or debit card.


Make sure you write your address correctly and add references so that there are no difficulties with your delivery. If you need an address change, you can do it before shipment, of course. If in stock, all orders generally will be shipped within a week, and sooner if possible. 
There are two main shipping methods; The first is the standard one, which is through the post office of Mexico, and takes 7-10 business days to reach its destination; the second is express via DHL, and the package arrives in 3-5 days at its destination. You can choose either of these two options in the cart.
There are no personal deliveries in CDMX, all purchases are sent through the methods indicated above, you can request a quote to receive your purchase through other delivery couriers like Uber, Didi, iVoy, etc.
STANDARD. The purchase is sent through the Mexican postal service (SEPOMEX), the package generally takes between 21-60 days to reach its destination. Includes tracking number.
EXPRESS. The purchase is sent via DHL, the arrival time of the order is 2-5 days.
Shipping Extension
If your location requires an additional shipping cost, Viasiniestra will contact you to notify you of the situation and request the required amount. This only applies to the express method.
Tracking number:
The tracking number will be added in your order details. To see details, log in to ” My account ”.
Keep in mind that express parcel companies may apply additional charges to be able to deliver your purchase, the amount of this additional charge is variable and depend on the total amount declared in the package. Viasiniestra is not responsible for these charges, which will have to be borne by the buyer. Generally, this charge is applied randomly, as it does not always happen, but it is a possibility.
If your purchase could not be delivered, you can request a reshipment, consider that the costs are at your expense. You can also request a refund, you can read the refund conditions below.
Viasiniestra will be responsible for the forwarding costs, as long as it is proven negligence has occurred, such as sending to the wrong address.
The risk of loss or damage is transferred to the customer and the postal company from the moment the merchandise is placed at the post office for its corresponding shipment.

*Delays with shipping time are the responsibility of the courier companies.
** Viasiniestra reserves the right to modify shipping prices without prior notice based on the costs offered by the courier companies.

About sizes

To find out the size of your ring, use a string and wrap it around your finger, then measure the length, which will be your circumference. In the product gallery, you will find a table with the measurements: diameter and circumference. Choose the size with you feel comfortable. You can check the ring size guide HERE.
The length of the chains used with the pendants is described in the product details. Use a cord or thread of the specified size to confirm that the necklace will fit you as you want it.
You will find in the description of the item the length and width of each garment. You can measure your current clothing and compare it to the measurements described in the product to ensure that you choose the correct size.

Exchanges, returns, cancellations & Refunds.

It is possible to make changes or return the product in case of having chosen an incorrect size, you can request a change or a return. Consider that all return and forwarding costs are at your own expense.
In case of requesting a change of measure, you will have to send back your purchase, once received, the new piece will enter the workshop.
In the case of requesting a return, you will have to send your purchase back, once received, the refund will be made. Please read the refund terms below.
You can cancel the order at any time, as long as the purchase has not yet been sent, that is, as long as you do not receive the email with the title ” complete order ” you can request the cancellation of your purchase.
By cancellation request, that is, before the purchase is sent
The refund will be made for 100% of the value of your purchase, the time to see it in your bank account will depend on your bank.
By Returns
The refund will be made only as credit in the store, that is, a coupon will be generated for 100% of the value of your purchase, which you can use at any time to buy another item. In this case, the coupon will be generated once the purchase has been received back.


A quality product made by hand is guaranteed for 30 days, each phase of its manufacture is meticulously reviewed to ensure durability and total customer satisfaction.
The durability will depend on the use of the owner. Follow these recommendations for long durability:
Consider your pH. Often high pH tends to darker the silver, but you can fix it by using a polishing towel for metals.
Most items are covered with patina and, through the use of soap and water, the antique finishing could disappear.
Do not practice sports wearing rings or pendants. They could be lost or damaged by sweat.