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You will get a 10% discount on JEWELRY, plus any additional discounts (flash sales, Black Friday, pre-orders).

Includes 1 Viasiniestra insignia (metal pin) and an A4 coat of arms printed on handmade paper.

Place your membership order first, and then a second order, so you will get the discount automatically applied.

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21 reviews for ONE YEAR MEMBERSHIP

  1. Christian Sotelo Bedolla (verified owner)

    Sorprendido Hermano, esto es un trabajo profesiónal y agradecido siempre con tus creaciones únicas gracias.

  2. Jorge Garcia (verified owner)

    Hail Viasiniestra ! País México

  3. Arturo Ponce (verified owner)

    The finest items. Truly the devil’s work.

  4. Jeroen Volman (verified owner)

    True Devilish Craftmanship! 333

  5. Sully Khalifa (verified owner)

    Top quality and unique items. Always a pleasure to work with.

    Keep the devil’s work going!

  6. Tobias Carlsson (verified owner)

    Truly the Devils work!

  7. Ambjörn Karlsson (verified owner)

    Great guy, great stuff. Perfect!
    FTW! HS!

  8. Per Olsson (verified owner)

    Viasiniestra – Diabolical Perfection!

  9. Patriez De Koning (verified owner)

    Unique pieces and sure as hell not for the faint hearted!

  10. Bernd Groeger (verified owner)

    Outstanding artist in league with the devil!

  11. Yordi Visser (verified owner)

    Unique, handcrafted pieces, worthy of the Devils’ sign.

  12. Lvx Infernvz (verified owner)

    Totalmente satisfecho con sus productos, que van mucho más allá que ser solo collares, anillos , etc.

  13. James Cerven (verified owner)

    All pieces are exquisite, precise and beautiful. The Devil would be proud!

  14. Sean Cleveland (verified owner)

    Viasiniestra makes top-quality pieces!

  15. Holly Yoho (verified owner)

    Amazing products, stellar creativity and quality.

  16. Naldo M. (verified owner)

    High quality items, total devotion.

  17. Manuel Marmillot (verified owner)

    great work and great quality !!!! great devil’s work!!!!!!

  18. Craig Goyan (verified owner)

    If I could afford it…. I would have a standing order for “one of everything”. Consistently excellent work.

  19. Diego Magdaleno (verified owner)

    The best quality ,very professional and most importantly: always the darkest gnosis treated with devotion!

  20. Michael Haskell (verified owner)

    Fantastic workmanship for every piece. Truly the Devil’s Work. FTW and TTD

  21. Thomas Ludley (verified owner)

    Excellent craftsmanship, Via Siniestra never ceases to bring the utmost quality in everything they do.

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