viasiniestra – HVHY [Sterling silver pendant] Handmade to order



The Twins of God or the Two-Headed Ones, also named Thaumiel the Duality of God, Cathariel the Broken Off or Fearful Light of God, and Kethiel meaning separated from God, as they cut themselves away from the God of Thoughtful Light and unite themselves within the emanation of Sitra Achra and the first manifestation of the HVHY to oppose the YHVH. This first Qlipha is governed by Satan and Moloch, Satan ruling the left and Moloch ruling the right.

By this work I wanted to materialize the concept of the Crowned Dragons of the other Side, The Serpent-Twin which symbolizes the dual-forced antithesis of the demiurge.


Chain is not included
Compatible with 3mm,4mm, 5mm and 6mm thickness curb silver chain
Recomended 6mm thickness


Each piece is handmade and may it will look a bit different than the one shown in the picture. I always do my best to make it similar, even better, than the first work. So I guarantee that you will have a piece one of a kind. Please allow 10-15 business days for the piece to be made.


Availability: Available on backorder

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