Leer FAQ’s Mexico AQUƍ

1. Is the ”Watain ring” available?

No, it is no longer available. Official name: Crux Tridentis. The edition was limited to 111 pieces. Released on MMXVI.

2. Can I request a custom work?

  • Yes, sometimes, it depends on other occupations. Feel free to get in touch via WhatsApp or via email at hail@viasiniestra.com.

    50% of the cost should be sent to start with the custom work.

3. Can I reserve an item?

  • No, first come, first served.

4. Does Viasiniestra accepts payment in installments?

  • Sometimes, 2 or 3 installments are allowed. The total cost should be paid in 3 months.

5. Worldwide shipping?

Yes. Viasiniestra ships worldwide.

  • Standard shipping method is free. The order is shipped through mexican postal service (Sepomex), within a week, and sooner if possible.  Items usually takes 21-60 days to arrive. Includes tracking number.
  • Priority shipping method: go to Cart, edit your country and automatically  the system will provide shipping cost. The order will be shipped through one of the following services : DHL/FedEx/UPS . Delivery time is 2-5 natural days.
  • Reducing shipping costs! Notice that if you have two items in your cart, the shipping cost will be reduced, and if you have three will be reduced as well, and so on. Depending on the quantity of itmes, priority shipping method could be free. Viasiniestra Priority shipping method/DHL/FedEx.