In this chapter,explore the symbols and concepts behind the AMSG sigil. From the trident, a powerful representation of dominion over the chaotic forces of the universe, to the inverted pentagram, which defy traditional beliefs and proclaims a new way of thinking and living for spiritual ascension.

the trident

Watain Crux Tridentis

The trident is a symbol of power and dominion over the chaotic and primordial forces underlying the universe.

Power and Dominion:
The trident is a three-pronged destructive weapon, symbolizing control over different aspects of life or the universe, encompassing present, past, and future.

Duality and Balance:
Some interpretations suggest that the three prongs of the trident represent duality (such as body, mind, and spirit) and the pursuit of balance between these elements.

Rebellion and Resistance:
It symbolizes a challenge to established norms and an assertion of autonomy and individual freedom.


The inverted pentagram, another central symbol in the A.M.S.G. sigil, plunges us into a reversal of values and a confrontation with traditional beliefs. It represents an opposing perspective, challenging conventional spirituality and proclaiming a new way of thinking and living.

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Reversal of Spirituality:
The five-pointed star, or pentagram, is often associated with spirituality and balance in many traditions. By inverting it, a reversal of these values is suggested, representing an opposing perspective.

The Power of the Individual:
The upper point of the inverted pentagram can be interpreted as a representation of ego or the individual. This can symbolize an affirmation of individual power and autonomy in the face of traditional structures or authorities.

Rejection of the Established:
By inverting a symbol often associated with spirituality and magic, it can be interpreted as a rejection or challenge to traditional beliefs and norms.


Daniele Valeriani
Visionary artist based in Rome.
Per Mors ad Liberatio

The letter omega, being the last of the Greek alphabet, symbolizes culmination [death] and radical change. this letter finds its purpose in representing a break from traditional norms and values, marking the beginning of a new way of thinking and living. At the same time, it embodies a challenge to established authority, symbolizing a denial of power structures considered oppressive.


At the heart of this concept lies the acronym AMSG, which stands for “Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam.” This expression is an inversion of the traditional “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam,” encapsulating total dedication to autonomy and personal gratification. It is a celebration of the reversal of values and individual autonomy, in contrast to conventional religious norms. This expression was popularized by the Society of Jesus, commonly known as the Jesuits, a religious order founded by Saint Ignatius of Loyola in the 16th century.

Taken together, the AMSG sigil represents a radical perspective that challenges traditional norms and values. It focuses on exerting power and dominion over the chaotic and primordial forces of the universe, as well as expressing duality, balance, and resistance to conventional beliefs.

If you’re drawn to the powerful symbolism and concepts we’ve explored in the A.M.S.G sigil, I invite you to consider a ring that encapsulates this unique perspective. This ring would be more than just a piece of jewelry; it would be a tangible representation of your affinity for power, dominion, and resistance to established norms.


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