[August 18]

Before start with a new stage of Viasiniestra, that means new kind of works, there will be another run of the first anniversary medallions.
Maybe this could be your chance if you missed it last year.
Go to AVAILABLE to get yours.

Viasiniestra – clothing
 [June 12]

I really appreciate the support of those individuals who with confidence secured a t-shirt. It’s an honor for me that people like my work
and decided to wear it with pride.

Hails to all of you!

AMSG hoodie – UPDATE.
 [June 7]

The hoodies are currently in sewing process and I will receive it the following thursday. As you know, and you can see, each part was printed one by one, back, sleeves, hood, chest. The final product will worth the wait. I thank your support.

NEW RELEASE | June 1st
 [June 1]

Viasiniestra support T-shirt | Ltd Edition.
Φωσφόρος T-shirt | Ltd Edition.
Black and Red Santa Muerte statues – Sickle made of silver by Viasiniestra | SOLD
Santa Muerte Silver pendants | 3 pieces.

[Update June 7]

All orders has been shipped. Take a look in your email to find your tracking number.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Orders has been shipped, check your Paypal transaction details, tracking info has been sent via email as well.

AMSG zip Hoodie – SOLD OUT

Production is in progress. Molding process has ended, now it’s time to cut the fabric and then print. – May 10th.

Due to the shortage of sizes of the brand used often, I decided to produce my own clothing,
so the model will be a just bit different from the one shown in the picture. Production will take longer.

Thank for your patience and support.

Viadolorosa MMXVIII – Behexen + Precaria + Satancrowned + Sulfuric Manifesto
Mexico City, April, Friday 13th. 2018.
Org: Sociedad Mictlán Prods & Viasiniestra
GALLERY (On facebook by Reina el Metal)