Morscvltvm Collection

Finally, this Infamous and Sacred work is available after being consacreated during the night of the  ” Día de Muertos/Day of the Deads” in an old graveyard in Mexico City, MMXVII. The main objetive of each work is worship and protection. Let the Death guide you to choose the right  piece.

Memento Mori – Limited to 13 units. Ten pieces in stock.
10 Vertebrae necklaces, I Sacrvm, I Jaw, I Skull. Collaboration w/Panikus (Artwork and hand print).

Death’s collar – Limited to 9 pieces. Last two pieces available.
Jade, obsidian, Human Skull fragment.

Morscvltvm I – Limited to 5 pieces in stock. SOLD OUT
Human bone, ebony, marbled obsidian. Collaboration w/Maximo (ebony beads and had carved skulls).

Santa Muerte – One piece in stock. SOLD
Satnta Muerte statue, Silver scythe by Viasiniestra.

Maybe some of you will notice that some pieces mentioned before doesn’t appear on the small list above, that’s because has been choosen to be launched in the Viasiniestra Year II Celebration among different works. stay tuned.