April 23.2019.

From the valley of Death I thank you all for trust in me and support my work. A lot of work awaits, and for that reason, I will be closing pre orders allowing just few more in this way:

☩ Svlphvr – 1 pre orders.
☩ ASMODEUS Sigil – 2 pre orders.
☩ BELIAL Sigil – 2 pre orders.
☩ LILITH sigil – 2 pre orders.
☩ Santa Muerte – 2 pre orders.

☩ Black, Red & white Santa Muerte (MortuarTrinity): 1 pre order

☩ Wisdom Descending from Death as Fire – pin – while stock lasts.

Deadline to order: April 30.

The last work available upon request is close to be launched. True Deathworshipers, stay tuned.

And, besides the pre orders, just few pieces will be in available while stock lasts, and then will be time for new creations.

February 18th

Viasiniestra has reached Three years of existence on 17.02.19. I thank everyone who has contributed in its growth, specially to L., my gf, Watain, Pablo and the WMM, Makiavelo, Mario, Diego, Cameron, Nikklas, Ambjörn, Per, Goyan, Panikus, Maximo, Leon, Arvid, Jack, Manuel and much more, you know who you are.

☩ ☩ ☩